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Sebastian Petrosi

About Sebastian Petrosi

Sebastian Petrosi is a digital nomad and senior content writer and editor at “” with a passion for the world of streaming, cybersecurity, and the ever-evolving tech landscape. With over six years of expertise in the cybersecurity, VPN, and streaming services reviews, Sebastian has become a trusted voice in the industry, especially when it comes to accessing TV shows and movies from every corner of the globe.

Sebastian combines his love for travel with his professional insights, offering readers a unique blend of personal experiences and expert hack through blogs and video tutorials to watch their favorite streaming services, shows, and movies from anywhere. His articles and tutorial videos are more than just guides; ensuring that readers worldwide can enjoy their favorite shows and movies, regardless of where their journey takes them.

Before joining, he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Computer Software Engineering and work as a freelance content creator for several tech and travel websites.

The main goal of Sebastian is to bridging the gap between technology and the everyday user.